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AFCON presents this collection of copyrighted articles by

* Kraig Kirschner for your review. These articles have been
published in Fire Sprinkler Industry magazines. Please feel
free to use them with attribution within your company.
AFCON is frequently asked its opinion to help clarify the
intent of the NFPA 13 Hanging and Bracing text. When we
get a consensus question regarding a subject, we believe
its helpful to publish an article. If you have situations that
are problematic and would like an article published, we will
try to oblige.
Your ideas are important to us.
Yours for good fire protection - AFCON.

Kraig Kirschner is president and CEO of AFCON.
For more information see Kraigs Bio.

Please be advised: The text in these articles is not a formal interpretation issued pursuant to NFPA regulations. Any opinion expressed is the personal opinion of the author and does not necessarily represent the official position of the NFPA or its Technical Committees. In addition, this correspondence is neither intended, nor should it be relied upon, to provide professional consultation or services.

Sway Bracing - General

50. Longintudinal Sway Brace of CPVC
Using NFPA 13 Analogy

40. UL 203A Table 9.1 Conforms to NFPA 13
Provides uniform basis of comparison

41. NFPA 13 Seismic Analogy
Incorporates conservative simplifying assumptions

36. Sway Brace Fitting Designs
Should Correspond to NFPA 13 System Piping

29-3. Per NFPA 13, Control Seismic Force
Always resist horizontal, possibly resist vertical

19-3. Hangers are Not Sway Braces
Beware of Contrary Opinions

17. NFPA 13 Sway Brace Standards
Do Not Confuse With Other Bracing Standards

9. Bolting Sway Braces to the Top Chord of Steel Joists
Use a Listed Sway Brace Adapter

26. NFPA 13 Pipe Sway Braces
Provide Desirable Features And Practical Advantages

Sway Bracing - Pipe

4. Combination Lateral/Longitudinal Sway Braces
They Are Not Four-Way Braces

6-1. Long Sway Brace Assemblies
Brace Elements With Multiple Pipe Sizes

5. Lateral Sway Braces
Beware of UL Listing Limitations

3. Lateral and Longitudinal Sway Bracing
When One Brace Serves Both Functions

24-1. Pipe Clamps are Not Sway Brace Components
Read and Follow Listings Very Carefully

31. Attaching Longitudinal Sway Braces to Lateral Sway Braces
Violates NFPA 13

38. Longitudinal Sway Brace Assemblies
A Common Fitting Misapplication

Sway Bracing - Cable

10. Tension - Only Braces Can Not Resist Vertical Seismic Load
Additional Rigid Braces Are Required


20. Wraparound U-Hooks
Not Appropriate to Resist Vertical Movement of a Pendent Sprinkler Below Ceiling

44 Restraint of Branch Lines
Most Use Hanger Assemblies

48 6 inch Rod Hanger Exception
Rod Swivel Orientation

Hangers - General

39. Structural Support Bracket
Not part of the NFPA 13 Hanger Assembly

37. Common Riser Support Using Rod
Violates NFPA 13

33. NFPA 13 Requires Listed Hanger Fasteners
Except as modified by

27-1. Proper Hanger Installation is Important
Hangers Durably Maintain System Geometry

11. Vertical May Not Describe Correct Hanger Orientation
The Force Is Vertical But The Hanger Is Not Always Vertical

12-1. Hangers Are Important To Fire Sprinkler System Performance
NFPA 13D Should Put More Emphasis On This Fact

14. Importance of NFPA 13 - 250# Hanger Safety Factor
Necessary and Appropriate

15. Holes in Building Structure
Not Hangers or Sway Braces

16. NFPA 13 Hanger Installation on Today's Z-Purlins

45-1. NFPA 13 Hanger Spacing
An Analogy

Hangers - CPVC

13. Offset CPVC Hangers
Beware of Listing Limitations

8. CPVC Hangers
Vertical and Horizontal Restraint

1. CPVC Hangers - Southern Yellow Pine

18. Using Offset CPVC Pipe Hangers
In Concrete Construction

Clearance Is Good Craftsmanship


43 Torque Off Fasteners
Liability May Exceed Perceived Advantages

46-1 Over Tightening Hanger Fasteners
Is Poor NFPA 13 Craftsmanship

47 Torque Off Fasteners
Avoid Using Impact Drivers


34. OPA Is Frequently Referenced
Though not required in California

Contrary Opinions

21. Fire Sprinklers Shall Be Supported From
Bldg. Structure

The Suspended Ceiling Exception Compromises This Philosophy

22. 6" Rod Hangers Are Not Sway Braces
Exempting Sway Braces Is Problematic

28. Sprinkler Contractors Should Never Be Responsible for Any Decision Involving Adequacy of Support by the Building Structure

30. The Hanger Exceptions Are Problematic
They lack features required of sway braces

42. Longitudinally Brace Large Branch Lines
Per NFPA 13 Tenets

49. Brace Mechanical and Electrical Systems
Standardization is Conservative



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